Free Spins

Unlike the early days of the online casino industry, there are now hundreds of online casinos competing for player interest from day to day and one hour to the next. And while not all casinos may be good to play at, the majority of them are, which can make choosing between different casinos an overwhelming task.

Free Spins Bonuses

One of the many ways casinos try to stand out from each other, but also reward their new and existing players is by offering free spins bonuses that you can use to try slots for free and win some free money along the more...

These bonuses come in a number of types and sizes, and they are often awarded either to anyone landing on a casino’s page or as exclusive offers to various gambling portals. So, if free spins bonuses sound like a good enough reason to give a casino a try, keep reading for more info on the types of free spins bonus offers, where to find them, and what to pay attention to.

Types of Free Spins Bonuses

All free spins bonuses are basically the same, which means that whatever bonus offer you claim you’ll be rewarded with a certain number of free spins. The only difference between different offers is how they are claimed, i.e. what the casino rewards you for.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit bonuses are bonuses that you can claim without making any deposit. These are the most common type of free spins bonuses, but they are also not entirely free, despite their more...

No deposit free spins bonuses normally come with terms and conditions attached which state that you have to deposit a certain amount of money before withdrawing any winnings from the bonus. This is usually in the amount of the minimum deposit set by the casino (around £10-20), which isn’t really much to ask for if you get lucky with your free spins.

Deposit Free Spins

Just like the name implies, this is a free spins bonus that you can claim only by making a deposit in the casino. Deposit free spins bonuses can be handed out either by themselves or attached to the first deposit bonus, which is the standard practice.

Deposit free spins bonuses are generally awarded when you make your first deposit as a complement to the matching money bonus you claim upon signing up. In the case of very high free spins bonuses (for example, 100 or 150), they will normally be gradually awarded over a number of days, or even your first three-four deposits.

Some casinos give away free spins offers for those who use their mobile site, or their native mobile app, if they have one. These can be either no deposit or deposit offers and can only be claimed through a smartphone by either visiting the page or downloading their app.

Exclusive Free Spins

Some online casinos also give away exclusive offers through their partners or other gambling portals that list them. These can be both no deposit and deposit offers that will normally not be listed at the casino’s main website.

Claiming a Free Spins Bonus

Claiming a free spins bonus is fairly simple. All you need is to do is to click a referral link if it’s an exclusive offer, or click a call-to-action button on the casino’s bonus more...

However, since most of these offers are given to new players, you would have to be a first-time user at the casino and create an account to claim the offer.

Some casinos have a box on your registration form that you have to tick while others may directly send a link to your account inbox where you can claim the bonus. Whatever their method, just make sure you follow their instructions.

Also, keep in mind that you might be asked to leave your payment info with the casino to claim a bonus. This is normally a precaution against bonus abusers who use different locations to claim offers more than once. Thus, you should also make sure no one with your IP address or physical address has claimed a bonus before at the casino before you claim the bonus.


All Free Spins bonuses come with Terms and Conditions attached, most of which specify that you have to meet the wagering requirements before withdrawing any winnings from your bonus. For example, if the bomus comes with 30x wagering requirements, you’ll have to wager 30 times any winnings you’ve won with the bonus before you can withdraw them.

Casinos also count wagers at different games differently, so before you start meeting your wagering terms make sure to check out their game contribution table in the T&Cs, as well as any restrictions on the wagering period or maximum amount you can withdraw.

How to Get More Free Spins

Free Spins aren’t exclusive to new players. Many casinos have regular promotions for existing customers where they give away spins for a new slot or even special holidays. read more...

However, to stay on top of these promotions you have to be a registered user with at least one deposit behind you and check your e-mail/account inbox regularly.

What are the Best Slots to Grab Free Spins for?

Some slots just make up for a much better gaming experience than others. One of the leading slot makers of today are NetEnt, whose slots are regularly promoted through NetEnt Free Spins offers and some have even broken Guinness World Records for biggest wins. And apart from these slots, the best games to grab a bonus are ones with a high Return to Player (RTP).

Nearly every casino nowadays publicly shares the RTP percentage of their slot games on their website, so make sure you check it out. Just keep in mind that one slot may have a different RTP in different casinos, as it can be adjusted (to a point) by the casino.